Baby Care

At All Aboard, we care for a small number of babies at any one time, from 4 months old. Our baby development care provides your baby with stimulation in terms of hand-eye co-ordination, gross motor development, eye-to-eye contact with our staff, lots of affectionate cuddles and warmth, songs, rhythm and movement and the use of all appropriate materials which foster key developmental stages. Every effort will be made to uphold the routine you have already established at home. A daily diary will be kept of all relevant information, and this will be discussed with you the parent when collecting your child in the evening.

Toddler Care

When children outgrow the baby room, they will make the transition to the toddler area. At this key developmental stage, we promote social interaction through small group experiences, songs, rhymes etc., and also continue with the development of motor skills through play with large piece digsaws, push and pull toys, stairs and slide, and outdoor playtime. Sensorial materials which promote cognitive learning and discrimination are introduced, as well as art and craft, all in a fun, loving environment.

Pre-School Care

When ready, the child will progress from the Toddler area of All Aboard to the Montessori Area. During this time, the child will attend Montessori School for 3 hours in the morning, after which they will have plenty of free play time. The child may be tired after his/her time in school and may rest in our sleep room for as long as is needed. Outdoor play time is very important at this stage.

 Montessori School

Here at All Aboard, we have two Montessori classrooms, each staffed by trained teachers, and fully equipped with Montessori Materials. We offer Morning and Afternoon sessions, and qualifying children may avail of the free ECCE year. Montessori school operates from September to June, excluding school holidays.

School Age Care

Children attending local primary schools may be dropped into the centre in the morning at any time after 7.30am, and after they have a leisurely breakfast, will be brought to school by our staff. They will be collected from school in the afternoon, and will return to the centre for a hot meal, and a little rest time before tackling that homework.